Lumbar 3 Locations & Dates early 2019

Sydney June 22/23rd

Melbourne May 25/26th

Gold Coast June 29/30th

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2019 – new year and back on track. Bringing to you Lumbar Rehab #3, Adaptation. You have to understand normal, key assessment findings before you can gain the specificity that you need to get optimal outcomes with your clients. Also time to bring back : Lumbar Part 1 – Pathophysiology … Continue reading 2019 Course Dates released

Lumbar 1 and Shoulder locations early 2019

Townsville April 6/7 (L1 & Sh)

Sydney June 8/9 (L1 & Sh)

Perth July 13/14th (L1 & Sh)

Adelaide Aug 30/Sept 1 (L1 & Sh)