Who I am…

Donna McCook / Medfit

Managing Director : Medfit Pty Ltd
Physiotherapist (PhD Cand, MHSci Physio, PGD Manip Physiotherapy)
Exercise Physiologist (PGD Clinically Applied Ex Science)(ESSA Accredited)
Athletic Trainer Certified, Dip Nutrition, PT / AE : ACE
Director : Core Healthcare Group

2018 is nearing a close and my 2018 course (Accredited by ESSA) – Lumbar Rehabilitation 3. Assessing Injury Adaptations and Understanding Rehabilitation Implications (14.5 CEU points) has 2 more final destinations for the year – Sydney and Melbourne.

I have finished up 2018 with attending an amazing course in Amsterdam on Spinal rehab and clinical approaches. This has certainly challenged some of my traditional thinking and added a few more tools to my rehab kit that I am trialling clinically. 2019 course dates will be released soon – limited physical locations, but continued training intensives.

My background –
With 27 years of clinical experience, I have developed a platform (Medfit) to share my passion about my professional life as a hybrid clinic physiotherapist and exercise physiologist that specialises in an exercise based approach for recovery.

My speciality remains – Back pain / Spinal injury and Shoulder rehabilitation. This is both clinically and for purposes of training.

My clinical and academic experience has been extensive – and I am continuing to learn.
Earlier in the piece, once qualified as a physiotherapist, my interests channeled into the sports and exercise arena, completing a range of fitness, nutrition and personal training certifications.
I turned to exercise science studies at local universities as I worked internationally to consolidate my knowledge further and build some science into my clinical practices.
My passion for learning continued and I completed post graduate studies in both physiotherapy and exercise science to further build my understanding of both fields., and moved to commence a PhD looking at muscle function changes in people with lower back pain. While this has not been completed (yet), key findings have been presented internationally, and findings published in international conference proceedings and journals accordingly.

My clinical life is focused on spinal and shoulder rehabilitation with a special interest in pre and post surgical (and “don’t want to have” surgery) clients in SEQ.
I am a Director at a growing company based in South East Queensland, (Core Healthcare Group) which has 17 clinical sites through the region, a team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and other allied health professionals working together. At Core, I provide clinical services at a range of our locations through Brisbane, mentorship to our clinical team and directorship within our management team.

Through MedFit, I teach to impart my expertise – it balances me, challenges my thinking processes, and sparks new thought and direction for people who attend my workshops.

I have always found it frustrating to spend a career gathering large volumes of knowledge to then only share it with one person at a time. Here, I can spread my knowledge and expertise, and know that in doing so, can also share my methods of getting great results for my own clients to 100’s of others.

2019 is on the horizon and will be bringing a little more online content for you to digest, ponder and help you expand your clinical know how and applied rehabilitation repertoire.

Talk soon!