2019 Course Dates released

January 7, 2019

2019 – new year and back on track.
Bringing to you Lumbar Rehab #3, Adaptation. You have to understand normal, key assessment findings before you can gain the specificity that you need to get optimal outcomes with your clients.

Also time to bring back :
Lumbar Part 1 – Pathophysiology of back pain presentations. This is where you get the info on how to manage different back pain presentations, understanding the physiology of injury pathology and how this will influence your exercise choices.

And – Making sense of the shoulder. Again – targeting pathophysiology of a range of common shoulder presentations, key findings likely in assessment, and integration with exercise and rehab considerations for optimal resolve.

I remain inspired by my 2018 conference that I attended in Amsterdam in October – bringing through a room of physiotherapists, chiropractors and exercise physiologists integrating their thought on Spinal Rehab.

Speakers were awesome including Pavel Kolar, Alena Kobesova, Stuart McGill, Brett Winchester & Rebecca Furlano. Every session provided new pearls of knowledge.

Great info, some new rehab concepts, and a little bit of new experimentation clinically to integrate some radically different approaches to back pain into my rehabilitation approach. Love it. Snippets with outcomes to come!